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Prices for the Various Sessions i Offer


Experience Session 30 Min Session – NZD $66 (Approx USD $42)

Spend 30 minutes with Sharron and your Akashic Records. An opportunity for first time clients to have an experience of an Akashic Reading and learn more about the benefits of accessing the records.


Energy SPA 60 Min Session – NZD $111 (Approx USD $72)

Come and spend an hour on my table, wrapped up, warm and comfortable, with relaxing music playing and beautiful oils burning. Whilst you are off dreaming and in a relaxed alpha brainwave, I will clear, align and balance your chakras and your aura or energy fields. You will be taken away to another world whilst I go about clearing, cleansing and balancing. Your role is to relax and receive. You will have nothing to worry about whilst I carry out a spiritual and energetic cleansing; which includes an energetic clearing, aura cleansing and chakra cleansing and balancing. All the negative energy in your fields will be released and transmuted. You will go home feeling soft and relaxed in the body, yet clear, harmonised and energised in both mind and body. Can’t wait? -Neither can I! This is a truly beautiful experience to both give and receive.


A Moment in Time 60 Min Session – NZD $122 (Approx USD $77)

What do the Akashic Records hold for you right at this moment in your life? Do you want to start connecting with your Authentic Self. Spend a full one hour session with Sharron accessing the Akashic Records to get a better understanding of what your soul wishes to communicate with you right now and attuning to your inner self. An opportunity to take a moment in time (this moment in your life) and see what arises? This may show up as blocks to be cleared, patterns to be removed, information about significant events or relationships, mission or purpose. You are able to ask questions, or ask that the highest guidance for this time be given, or a combination of both. If you have a specific question it is good to ask it, as what you want to know is not always the same alignment as what your guidance team wants you to know. Sometimes healing is given during this session. Always I am following my guidance from my higher divine team and yours, as well as the Masters and Lords of the Akash.


Inner Matrix 120 Min Session – NZD $222 (Approx USD $142)

This is the longest and most in depth single Akashic reading/healing session offered by Sharron. Start to bring your inner self into better alignment and understand what your soul needs from you at this time. Begin to create a personal connection with your authentic self while having a better sense of your inner guidance systems. This service generally involves a combination of reading and healing. Always guidance from your divine team and mine lead the way, in the context of what it is that you are seeking

This session may involve any of the following: numerology lessons and gifts, body scan, upgrade, balancing, aura clearing and cleansing, chakra clearing, cleansing and balancing, integration, healing, initiation, past life knowledge and understanding in relation to a particular situation. Clearing ancestral karma, contracts, block or pattern or habits. Information related to future work, endeavours, relationships, gifts, removal of implants. This could also include energetic templates and body upgrades.

You will be asked to sit at the beginning but often there is an opportunity for you to lay down if there is a convenient place for you to do this. We will be guided as to the best placement.


Career Consultation 60 Min Session – NZD $122 (Approx USD $77)

A graduate diploma in Career Development and experience as a careers advisor places Sharron in the right position to help you understand where you want you career to go to next. This does not include the preparation of a CV. If you are unsure of what you want to do, or how you could achieve it, this consultation could help you find the right path.


Career Empowerment Bundle – 3 x 60 Min Sessions – NZD $250 (Approx USD $160)

This in depth career exploration is run over 3 sessions of approximately 1 hour each. During these sessions, Sharron will use her considerable experience and graduate diploma in Career Development to help you understand where you want to go next with your career and address any blocks you may have with finding your way forward. Between each of these 3 sessions, you will be expected to complete certain tasks set by Sharron, all aimed at the goal of helping you land on the best way forward for your career.

All prices quoted above are in New Zealand Dollars and inclusive of GST

GST does not apply to Clients booking outside of New Zealand.

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